Guam's Villages

There are 19 beautiful Districts, or "Villages", in Guam. Each Village has its wonderful, unique attributes.

Take the time to enjoy each Village...and feel free stop by each Mayor's Office to say "Hafa Adai!".  



Mayors Council of Guam Village Image
Mayors Council of Guam Village Flag
Mayors Council of Guam Village Flower
Mayors Council of Guam Village Sign
Village signage artwork by artist, Maria Cristobal Calori.


Dededo is located at the north central part of the island where most of the population on Guam presently centers. It encompasses an area of about 30 square miles of Guam’s 212 miles. The word Dededo comes from a system of measurement using the fingers in which each finger signifying an inch. So as one measures “one inch, two inches, three inches” the name Dededo was derived the measurement of two fingers indicating two inches. There is another word that could possibly give this village its name. The word “dedeggo” means a person who walks on tiptoes so as not to wake up those who are sleeping. It is not clear whether Dededo got its name because someone long ago measured the place with his/her fingers or the people habitually walked on tiptoes.

Street Address:
335 Iglesias Circle