Dededo Village News

Dededo Village News

- Tues. 9/13, Dededo MPC meeting @ 6 pm @ the Dededo Senior Citizen Center

- Special thanks to the Rotary Club of Northern Guam for hosting the "9-11 Day of Remembrance" at Two Lover's Point Garden.

- Youths 14 to 25 interested in running for Guam Youth Congress can pick up a packet at the Mayor's Office.

- Residents are reminded to keep all pets restrained to your private properties. There are many dogs chasing children walking to and from school and bus stops.

- Residents are advised not to park on sidewalks. Sidewalks near schools and bus stops are blocked by cars and trash containers.

- Tuesday Food Trucks are available at the Flea Market - Farmers Coop from 5 pm to 9 pm.

- Call or email if you are interested in being part of our 4-H Program. We are working with UOG Cooperative Extension Programs to start 4-H in our village.