Learning Chamorro

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What Is It ?
Our website is an online platform to facilitate and advance the learning of Chamorro. We pool diverse resources for learning Chamorro, use them and share them among us. We support each other and together we improve our Chamorro language skills. We listen to each other and together learn about learning Chamorro. Many of us are students, faculty, and friends of the University of Guam.

Who Is It For?
If you are interested in learning Chamorro, this website is for you; regardless whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner of the Chamorro language; regardless whether you are in Guam or Saipan, in Europe or the US mainland, in Asia or Africa, or anywhere else in the world.

How Does It Work?
After you sign up you will have the opportunity to actively read, listen, and participate in a great variety of Chamorro instructional lessons and Chamorro drill exercises. You quickly will find out which ways of learning work best for you, and in what combination. You will be able to develop your own individual and for you most optimal way of learning Chamorro. You choose how much and how you learn at your own pace. You can continuously assess what you learn and hence will be able to continuously improve how you learn.

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